TAIYOU&C. is a brand launched by the design studio Mikiya Kobayashi in 2016.The story begins by the time I was working at an interior architecture office. Indeed, I was already wondering about furnitures suited for contract projects I was working on. Today TAIYOU&C. pursue and make this reflection a reality.Furnitures and chairs in particular that we conceived for spaces such as hospitals, offices or buildings’ halls respond to specific and essential standards: First, they are shaped to fit harmoniously in the space, even when a numerous amount is arranged. Also, they are easy to use. Not only they are comfortable to seat in but also easy to stand up from. And of course, they are stackable.
We are working with wood for its soothing properties makes it a perfect material within our stressful time.Of course good contracts’ furniture can only become a long-lasting partner for a home use.

Creative Director  Mikiya Kobayashi


«TAIYOU» is the Japanese word for «Sun». Sun is something very little noticed in our daily life. Yet, it is something vital for every human being. This ideal relationship, shouldn’t it be the same one linking humans and furniture? TAIYOU&C.’s furniture is discrete while supporting people’s daily life and activities from their back. To do so, deep insights regarding human behaviors are necessary for designers: How do we live? How do we work? We believe that it is essential element for good furniture. Also, we brought particular attention to atmosphere where furniture is put in.
Thanks to our experimented design team, we believe that TAIYOU&C.’s furniture will bring you comfort and practicality but also happiness to you.